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All students should enter the building through the main entrance between 7:50 am and 8:00 am.

Students should not be dropped off until 7:50 am when there are staff members outside to provide supervision. If your child arrives after 8:00 am, please accompany them to the front office to sign them in.

Please note the "TURN AROUND" is available if you plan to drop off or pick up your child at school. The TURN AROUND is for moving traffic only. In the TURN AROUND please form 2 lanes and pull as far forward to the STOP SIGN as possible. For the safety of your child, please do not pick them up until a staff member can assist them.

If the TURN AROUND is full, please pull through to the Main Parking Lot and approach the TURN AROUND again.

Remember, the TURN AROUND is for moving traffic only. If you need to enter the building (even if "only for a minute"), or go to the door to get your child, please park your car in the Main Parking Lot or the Visitor Lot.

Teachers will familiarize students with exit doors and will assist children as needed during the first few days. Special and Resource Teachers will also be available in the hallways to assist as needed.

In the case of an emergency, please remember to clear the turn around area immediately for emergency vehicles.

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