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District 46 students, faculty and staff are making news every day. It's important to bring visibility to the many great things happening within District 46 and its schools, particularly those that showcase quality teaching and student success.

Here are some of the types of news you can promote:

  • Important new initiatives that enhance the quality of teaching and learning in District 46 schools
  • Interesting and unique student projects
  • Student, faculty/staff and alumni awards and accomplishments
  • Valued community partnerships
  • Visits by notable individuals or alumni
  • Special events, including exhibits and performances


Following is a how-to guide to packaging a great District 46 story to communicate directly to target audiences and/or to pitch to the media:

  • Start by answering the basic questions of Who, What, When, Where and Why. These are the foundation of the communications opportunity you wish to showcase.

  • Dig a little deeper to articulate the importance of this story and the impact on teaching and learning. Why is this important? What impact will it have?

  • Bring your story to life by identifying parents, students, teachers or community partners who can share their excitement and interest. Photos and video can paint a picture for those who are unable to experience a program or event firsthand. Multimedia materials can be embedded in electronic communications or made available through the District's website.

    Please note that parents of all District 46 students are asked to approve whether or not the District has permission to include their student’s name, image and story in external communications, including media communications. Please confirm that any student whose name, work product or image will be used in an external communication or photograph has approval for photo/media use. You can check this information in the Student Information System. If not, be sure to obtain parent permission before proceeding.

  • Build understanding by referencing any applicable trends, research or data. Infographics can help present important background information in a clear and accessible format.

  • What is the call to action? In communicating about this topic with targeted audiences, what are you asking them to think, feel or do as a result of the information you are sharing? What is your objective—to encourage attendance or participation? To instill pride or build support? To invite questions or feedback? This "call to action" should be front and center when developing communications messages and materials.

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