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Please make sure that children are dressed appropriately for the winter weather.

  • Children in K-4 buildings should remember to wear the 5 Points, which are snow pants, boots, gloves/mittens, winter coat, and hat. Children wearing the 5 points can play in the fields and on playground equipment for recess time. The blacktop provides a play area for children who are not dressed for the snow.

  • Children in 5-8 buildings are reminded to also dress for the weather. Students should consider the 5 Points, snowsuits/pants, boots, coats, hats, and gloves due to the conditions when walking to/from school or the bus stop. This should eliminate any calls home because of wet clothes.

  • Please be aware that frostbite can occur with exposure to extreme cold. Keep children warm with loose-fitting, layered, warm clothes. Don't forget hats and gloves for older children and adults too.

  • Please use caution when walking on sidewalks that are close to buses or cars. At this time of the year icing can occur and this makes for slippery conditions.

  • Please help keep all of our children safe! Make sure your sidewalks are clear and please enlist the help of neighbors without school age children to keep their sidewalks and bus stops clear.

  • Snowballs are fun to make, but are not allowed to be thrown on school grounds or at the bus stop.

    Posted 12/05/2007

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